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Tips for Developing Pre-Reading Skills

over 2 years ago

Talk to your child.  Talk about everything and anything!  Answer his questions when you have his attention.Keep all kinds of reading material around your home. The library is a wonderful source.Read to your child as often as possible.Look at the cover of the book and make predictions about what the story is going to be about.Ask questions as you read.  Look at pictures and talk about what is happening.  Make predictions about what might happen next.After reading a story, ask your child about the book (ex. main idea, talk about the sequence of the story, favorite part).Talk about the title, author, illustrator, and characters.Let your child retell the story by looking at the pictures as many times as he would like.  It is okay to read the same book over and over again.Sing SongsRecite rhymes and poemsDo finger playsLet children act out storiesRead store or traffic sings (McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Stop)Work on memory skills by asking your child questions about his day. (What did you do today?  What did you have for lunch?)